Webster Industires Guidelines

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Guidelines for Leadership Development Exercises

Each of these Leadership Development Exercises focuses on one or two particular levers that a leader can use to achieve success. All of these exercises must be completed individually. These exercises will challenge you to use the concepts presented in the course to analyze a business case - Webster Industries (provided in your Course packet). When completing each of these exercises you should refer to this case for your analysis. Your answers to exercises I and II must NOT exceed 2 double-spaced pages with 12 point font and 1” margins. Your answers to exercises III and IV must NOT exceed 3 double-spaced pages with 12 point font and 1” margins. Be advised that any arguments made beyond the exercise page limit (however meritorious) will bear NO fruit. I will not read nor consider such text when grading your exercise.

Please identify yourself only by your student ID number when submitting each exercise.

Some helpful advice:

Refer to and use conceptual tools explicitly. This will help convey your understanding of the material and will economize on time and space.

Make a point AND provide reasons/evidence to support it. Do NOT simply describe (i.e., provide a narration of what happened), but seek to analyze (i.e., provide an explanation of why it happened) using the information in the case and analytic tools from the class.

Demonstrate your ability to apply the readings, lectures, and class discussions in accurate, selective, and creative ways to diagnose, analyze, and remedy organizational problems. Accurate means using the conceptual tools in a correct and consistent manner. Selective means using the conceptual tools that give you the most leverage, rather than core dumping all possible ideas. Creative means extending or applying the material in new ways.

Leadership Development Exercise: Decision-Making
Due Date: April 11 (2 page limit)

The case suggests that the performance...
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