Website Structure Paper

Topics: Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, Web page Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Before creating a website one must consider the website structure to ensure that users will be able to navigate the site without getting lost or missing important information and incorrect information. Below are the three website structures we are going to discuss: The first structure is linear structure. Linear structure as its name suggests works in a forward to backward order, where one page links to next and/or previous page. This type of structure is generally useful when the website is about plays or reading a story. Here the user can navigate from one scene to next or previous scene, and to next or previous chapter. This is great for a large website with several different pages, and keeps everything in order and organized. The second structure is hierarchical structure. In this type of structure, webpages are linked from most general pages to more specific pages and can go back directly to the main page. This makes it much easier to navigate through the website. Many websites use this type of structure as you will notice almost every webpage allows you to go back “home” or to the main page of that website. The third structure is mixed structure. This type of structure is a hybrid type where both linear and hierarchical structures are mixed up and is generally used if the website is very large and complex. The user can go to specific page from the main page and can also move through the website in linear fashion. This type of structure is most common because many pages now-a-days are very large and complex. Usually this type of structure will have several links on the main page. Personally I would prefer to go with mixed structure as it gives the user an option to navigate easily and in which way they would prefer to navigate, whether it be in linear order or jump to particular pages. This structure helps users to locate information on the website more accurately than the linear structure or hierarchical structure. The linear...
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