Website Evaluation for Better Business and Personal Communication

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Re:Website Evaluation for Better Business and Personal Communication. The question is, can you write an effective letter to a major corporation and get your point across in way that your information stands out over the multiple documents that a CEO may be receiving. Just think about what you would do if you were in a singing contest, how you could shine above all the other contestants. There are great examples online of business writings that we can access 24 hours a day. I just want to touch on the importance of good communications and how far it will take you in the business community. Most professionals are inundated with reading tons of material everyday often without knowing what the writer was trying to convey. The book talks about effective communication when writing a business letter. The fact the most readers will not read long sentences or large paragraphs, this makes it important to develop a method of writing that is informative but yet effective. The information I ‘m going to provide for you will help you in this quest.

I’m going to show is how the use of this website ( to give you an advantage over other business writers, and have a successful outcome. First, the book (Business Communication Today) gives some concrete pointers that seem to be the same emphases throughout chapter #6, meaning that the more we read it, speak it, use it, we’ll remember it. The book talks about having a clear message, breaking up long sentences, rewrite hedging sentences, clarify sentence structure and shorten overly long words. The web site explains the subject-verb/complement pattern and shows how you can expand that pattern almost indefinitely with a few simple principles such as coordination and subordination. In the website we'll look at some more advanced sentence strategies. Again the aim is to increase your versatility as a writer, to help you see the full range of options for solving writing problems. As your flexibility increases, you'll not only satisfy minimal standards of clarity and correctness, you'll express yourself with new-found energy and power. While the S V/C pattern, with agent as subject, is by far the most common pattern for building English sentences, it's by no means the only one. Nor is it best in every situation. Sometimes you may wish to turn things around in order to create a particular kind of emphasis or rhythm. Second, the chapter further goes into design elements and paragraph length and margins around the text which effects what you’re reading and gives the document overall readability. There was a list of four writing techniques that improve the readability of the message:

* Varying sentence length.
* Keeping paragraph short.
* Using list and bullets.
* Adding heading and subheading.

The challenge is to keep your thought process while attempting to follow the main direction which is to get your message across while having the correct format. The writing a strong business letter will take some practice and a great deal of patience. The web site goes on to enhance the topic and seems to go deeper into developing your paragraph. Your topic sentences indicate the major support areas for your thesis, and the guide sentences show how you can develop each paragraph. Still, your paper is far from complete. While you've opened up your main idea to expose its parts, you have yet to get down to giving the specifics; the precise details that will help your reader feel the full weight of your thought. You must show the foundation of specific evidence that your general ideas are built upon. The following suggestions for paragraph development will help you coax forth details that will make your writing solid and substantial. Notice how often a paragraph will say, in the second or third sentence, "for instance" or "for example." This is how writers introduce an actual incident or object to prove or illustrate the point under...
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