Website Evaluation Criteria

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Website evaluation criteria; (Check list)

Website Evaluation Checklist to boost search ranking.

• Is the content rich
• Good design

• Blogging
• Forum participation
• Article marketing
• Does the online document contain a biography and email address • Did you link to the company’s website from a trusted site e.g google, Xing • How well you are being lead to additional information about the author. • Specific content not just generalized way of writing • Citations

• Dates of creation and last update
• Use of graphics – a clearly labelled graphic tells so much and helps readers • Up to date information
• Does the site have appropriate links that relate to company’s offer • Easy navigability – are links grouped in a logical order. Is a keyword search function included? • How unique is the website content – search engines love unique and informative content, improve content such as text, audio, video etc • Avoid duplicate contents, i.e. check if search engine spiders find duplicate content on website and remove them • Are there relevant keywords; they are a foundation to the website and offers better search engine ranking (tool; • Optimize images

• Are there headline tags; one of the most important places to put keyword. Search engines give more value to H1tag, hence its important to use it on every page. • Adding a sitemap; increases the potential for search engine to crawl through the webpages without getting trapped somewhere. • Friendly page title on every page targeting key phrases • Use of www URL version

• Main navigation should be text based

Objective assessment

• By specially developed tools.
• Analysis based on guidelines provided by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And MS Bing Methodology
• The tool/software researches all pages and files of the website • Goes through the site from...
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