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Topics: Design, Website, Student Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Neil O’rally
BMIS 270

Overview will be a website designed to give students attending The University of Montana access to information regarding ski vacations put on by the nonprofit student group, Zoo Crew Ski Team. The site will generate revenue by creating interest in the vacations through appealing descriptions as well as provide prices, and contact information.

Revenue Generation
This website will generate revenue for the student group by exposing students to the opportunity of attending winter sports vacations organized through The University of Montana. Site visitors will be motivated to register for the vacations because the site will emphasize affordability, pre-trip support, and the benefits associated with developing new relationships with students who enjoy similar passions.

Credibility will achieve high levels of credibility by displaying a very friendly and open door style contact information page. Users will be encouraged to contact the trip organizers with any questions any time. The site will also focus on a professional design that will leave site visitors with a feeling that their experience will be safe, fun, and above expectations.

The website will encourage users to stay on the page as long as possible in order for them to gain maximum interest in the winter sports vacation opportunities. The site will obtain stickiness by having a snow-report page, and a ski/snowboard video page. The purpose of this is to create a sense of fun, and identification with the winter-sport culture.

The site will achieve high levels of usability by focusing on the users ability to actually use the site as well as understand the content, and not waste their time. The design strategy will pay attention to questions associated with navigating such as, “Where am I?”, “Where can I go?”, and “Where have I been?”. In order to make the answers to these questions obvious the design will...
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