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Topics: World Wide Web, Website, Web design Pages: 9 (2915 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Individual Assignment: Website Design
Week 4 Website Content Plan
Antonio Gonzales
WEB/236 – Web Design I
University of Phoenix
Due: 04-18-11
Instructor: James Nilson

Title Page1
Table of Contents2
Week 2 Website Purpose and Architecture Plan3-6
Week 3 Website Navigation and Development Plan6-11
Week 4 Website Content Plan11

Website Purpose and Architecture Plan
The website that will be evaluated, proposed, and eventually reconstructed will be for southwest artist Antonio Gonzales who offers unique original southwest oil paintings, prints, and limited edition numbered giclee prints for sale. This site will represent the artist’s oil paintings which he develops and paints out of his Santa Fe, New Mexico art studio. The website will help sell additional works of art to clients throughout the world who wish to conveniently shop Antonio’s online studio from the convenience of their own homes or businesses. One of the immediate goals of the website will be to help introduce Antonio’s art work to new clients and art collectors who may not have heard of his art work outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. One long term goal is to increase sales throughout the year and to give clients a look at new art work as soon as the artist has completed new paintings. This way clients can view fresh new art pieces from his online studio instead of having to wait for the artist to display his art work in studios across the southwest. The second long term goal is to increase sales globally and help bring his art work to new clients and art collectors throughout the world.

Site purpose
The purpose of this website is for proposed sales and return customers who will spread the word about your site. Online shopping allowing for individuals to visit and buy from all parts of the globe without having to travel to Santa Fe to purchase art work or merchandise with immediate transactions. If something is purchased online it can be delivered to that client that same day and depending on whether they want the merchandise overnighted or delivered within five to 10 business days, it is up to the purchaser to decide giving them choices. The site purpose should also provide information about the artist, contact information about the artist, information where his artwork is being displayed, and personal information the artist wishes to share with the public. Target audience

The primary target audience will be art collectors and current clients of the artist and individuals, who know the artist but have not purchased any of his artwork up till now, however have shown a great interest in the artist’s work. Another targeted audience will be gallery owners who may one day show the artists work in local or out of state galleries. Content needs

One of the important content needs is to make available every original piece of artwork that the artist has available to his clients. Another important content need is to have available to his online shoppers fast loading images of his art work. The website should also be an elegantly designed representation of the artist’s vision which he displays through his original oil paintings. The website should also be easy to navigate through and must be able to be viewed consistently with different operating systems and browsers and should not depend on high-speed internet connections. The website will be designed and maintained by the artist but should be written and coded in an orderly manner so that another web designer could maintain and update the site by the artists instructions. The website will not have features that will require specialized or specific programming that might make the site slow to load, or increasing the complexity of the website. The website should be functional and also reflect the artist’s strict demand to quality and precision. The website should also have updated...
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