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I have chosen two of the biggest broadband and telecommunication companies in Ireland for this website comparison. O2 and Vodafone are both leading distributors of mobile services for individuals and corporate clients providing them with solutions in communications. They are the two biggest competitors in the mobile networking industry in Ireland constituting for 88% of the total market. This market percentage is split between Vodafone and O2, 48% and 40% respectively.

I have chosen these two websites for comparison for a number of reasons. I have been a frequent user of both sites, and am interested in the industry. The main reason however I selected these websites is due to the substantial differences in theme and design between the sites. Although their functionality is similar in a lot of ways, it is immediately apparent that the websites are considerably contrasting.

These two websites are very frequently used by mobile users for bill information, technical difficulties, upgrade offers, their online store and web based text messaging. For the purpose of this review I have got two separate accounts, one on both website so I will be able to effectively analyse each one. In this analysis I am going to compare the websites based on criteria such as design and functionality. I will first of all describe and analyse each website separately and I will then conclude with a comparison of the two and which I feel has a competitive advantage.


The primary and most noticeable attribute to the O2 website is the dominant blue 02 theme. It is extremely influential on the overall experience of the website. The appealing sea blue theme reflects the company’s image and logo, and remains consistent throughout. The site is excellently structured, and importantly navigation is very undemanding.

The home screen is quite simplistic, as is the site overall. The most dominant section of the home screen is the flash content at the top of the page, under the headers. This flash content focuses its attention on current offers provided by O2. These offers within the flash box clearly strive to highlight the value of current deals. All of the slides within the flash box remain consistent to the sites theme, all either with a sea or sky background matching the background and design everywhere on the page. A noticeable trend with the offers and throughout the site is that the cost and pricing of products and offers are clearly shown with a real money value. This flash content is very clearly the point of emphasis on the homepage because the underneath area is not as attractive, offering a few quick links around the site as well as a top keyword search section. There is not a lot of content to scroll through which makes navigating less time consuming and more accurate.

When you log into the site or when you click “My O2” there is a pop up window with several functional options to choose from. These are: go to my O2, send a web text, top up online, my account, check my email, check my treats and O2 widgets. These are probably the most frequently used options for members logging in, hence why the option to shop is not in the menu. After logging in you can easily see all your phone details, last made calls, price of calls, price of text messages sent, etc. O2 provide an excellent method of analysing your bills, providing graphs to see usage over time, with the ability to export these graphs and the usage details into a PDF. The web text messaging option under my O2 is one of the key features of the site. Not only is the user able to send messages for free to friends and family they can also backup all their contacts using the phonebook provided. There are options to sync your contacts directly from your phone or import them from a spreadsheet. Once you have selected the web text option all of the stages are completely accessible on the one screen. Again the structure of the page is consistent and the design is...
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