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  • Published : January 18, 2012
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Website Analysis Assignment
I choose the website of Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan to analysis. Its address is The site clearly states Gleaners mission - Nourishing Communities by Feeding Hungry People, on the heading with the company’s icon and also in the first “What we do” text chunk. From the information provided, I found that it serves three audience segments: donators, volunteers, and partner agencies. From my perspective, the donators group is the one the organization mostly to target, because compare to other groups, the organization provides exhaustive introductions about donation and put them on a more easy-to-grasp place. For instance, three out of five homepage text blurbs and the first picture comes out in the homepage are all about donation The website groups related items into different menus and links. However, the link name and the hierarchical order are confusing to me. The main menu arranges information as HOME, TAKE ACTION, EVENTS/FOOD DRIVES, END HUNGER and PARTNER AGENCIES. For the first sight, people will not understand what the END HUNGER section means and will have to search. Besides, I think the END HUNGER and EVENTS/FOOD DRIVES sections should be before the TAKE ACTION and PARTNER AGENCIES. Because people need to see the organization’s mission and approaches before making a donation or partner decision. Moreover, the website does not do efficient in terms of web navigation. Different audiences have to click back and forward among different links to get all the information they want. The website’s menu put donation and volunteer together into the submenu of TAKE ACTION; It puts some of the partner agent information strangely into the END HUNGER section; Besides, the “Need Food Now” which links to Gleans partner agencies occurs twice at the top-row menu and the right column header within a screen length. This duplicate link is unnecessary since to find the...
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