Topics: History of the Internet, Magic Tree House, Internet Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: June 24, 2011
Final Project Activity #4- WebQuest
WebQuests are created by Teachers to provide information to their students by using the internet to engage each learner. The WebQuest, I selected was “Dinosaurs Before Dark”. The overall objective of this lesson was to offer a challenge to 2nd grade students during a lesson about fossils. The Magic Tree House books were introduced to give students a preface to science. The “Dinosaurs Before Dark” WebQuest included research and literature for all students. The “Dinosaurs Before Dark” WebQuest can be found at http://questgarden.com/52/36/4/070612201403/index.htm. Once I reviewed the “Dinosaurs Before Dark” WebQuest, I determined that instead of having each student read the chapters independently, we would read each chapter as a group. I also would have the students get into small groups of 3 to 5 to complete their journal activities. This would improve their ability to collaborate as a team and would assist each team member by being able to ask questions to amongst their group. Each group will be encouraged to use the internet to complete activities such as: determining if Frog Creek, Pennsylvania is a real place, finding Pennsylvania on a map of the United States and finding their home state on the map. Measures will be implemented to control each group’s use of the internet. The classroom computer will be placed in an open area where the computer screen can easily be seen from anywhere in the classroom. Times will be established for internet activities so the Teacher can supervise activity. Blocks will already be established for website that may potentially contain inappropriate content. To complete this activity, students will need to be able to: generate and respond to questions, compare information from various internet sources, and follow step-by-step procedures. They will need to clarify an organize ideas. Students should also be able to draw conclusions based on the information that is presented. I...
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