Webdesign Company Business Plan

Topics: Asset, Liability, Balance sheet Pages: 23 (6338 words) Published: March 10, 2008
Table of Contents

Basic Information2
Chapter 1 – Introduction3
Chapter 2 – Summary3
Chapter 3 – About Us4
3.1. Vision4
3.2. Mission4
3.3. Values4
3.4. Objectives4
3.5. SWOTs4
3.6. Strategies5
3.7. Goals/Targets6
Chapter 4 - Product/Service Descriptions6
4.1. General Descriptions6
4.2. Key Features7
4.3. Main Benefits7
4.4. Pricing Plans7
4.5. Competitors' Offerings8
4.6. Competitive Assessment8
Chapter 5 - Profiles of Target Markets8
5.1. General Background8
5.2. Sizes, Segments & Trends9
5.3. Review of Competition9
5.4. Customers/Users10
5.5. Review of Market Potential10
Chapter 6 - Marketing Strategies, Sales Plans & Projections11 6.1. Key Marketing Strategies11
6.2. Marketing/ Promotion plan12
6.3. Marketing/Sales Expense Projections14
6.4. Sales Forecasts14
Chapter 7 - Operational Plans15
7.1. Locations & Facilities15
7.2. Operating Methods/Procedures15
7.3. Operating Cost Projections16
Chapter 8 - Management & Administration16
8.1. Management Structure16
8.2. Key Management Profiles16
8.3. Administration & Systems18
Chapter 9 - Financial Projections18
9.1. Key Assumptions18
9.2. Projected Income (P&L) Projections18
9.3. Cash flow Projections19
9.4. Projected Balance Sheets19
For detailed information please see appendix 4.19
Chapter 10 - Implementation19
10.1. First Year19
10.2. Subsequent Years19
10.3. Contingency Plans20
Chapter 11 - Conclusion20
Basic Information
Create a page-length table near the very front of the plan, ideally immediately after the contents page, to list all the basic particulars about your business - contact details, regulatory items, names of advisers, principal financiers etc. - as per the example below. Basic Information about "Sleek Designs"

Legal name: Sleek Designs
Directors/partners/proprietors: Ruslan Makhulin, Konstantins Margolis, Sari Kitani, Juliette Hermet Main telephone: 02088716035
Main fax: 02088716036
Main email: info@sleekD.co.uk
Web site: www.sleekD.co.uk
Main shareholders: Makhulin R, Margolis K, Kitani S, Hermet J

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This is a business plan of "Sleek Designs" which is a specialist on web designing. The company offers high quality identity creation service to its customer within entertainment industry. The main purpose of this business plan is to minimize the risks when starting up a company in real business environment. Also, there are other advantages in constructing a business plan. For example:

Crystallize and focus of its ideas and concepts
By gathering essential data for the plan, the whole plan will be more realistic and reliable. By creating financial forecasts, the risk of financial failure is reduced. Build up more confidence on starting the business in real market. Be able to show our ability on management and visions to communicate our ideas to outside parties as well as understand the reasoning behind its idea. The outside parties could be bankers, advisory agents and partners.

By constructing the plan, we are aiming to gain our determination and confidence as well as understanding of all key issues within the business establishment. Chapter 2 – Summary

We are starting up our own web design company in the beginning of year 2008. During the first year we are planning to put a lot of emphasis in promoting our company to gain some reputation and establish ourselves in the industry. The first half a year will be especially important because of the number of festivals taking place in the UK. Those festivals will be our primary target which we are going to support. During the second part of the year we are expecting to get our first contracts while still promoting the emerging acts. The second year is the one which we are planning to step up a level and gain more influence in the industry. We are planning to sign a deal with one of the major UK music labels. We...
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