Web Systems

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Web System
Theresa I. Brown
Thursday, May 24, 2012
Joe Moore

Blogs can be found on the web that composes a regular commentary topic that is given. Blogs are observed as a way users existed together creating an online community on social networks. Most blogs include comments, links, pictures and videos. There are four types of interaction bloggers use socializing, sharing information, seeking help and teaching others.

Digital media is an example of primarily computer based and electronic media that works on digital codes. Nearly two decades ago the internet was a learning tool and not surfing the web. In the past website provided communication one way with consumers. The concept of blogging has been around since the early 1980s. Pre-digital amateur radio communities set up equipment to communicate with people directly. In the 1990s, the internet was created to be referred as forum software that facilitated “threads” was created. Once threads were created they gave birth to electronic bulletin boards, electronic diarists, electronic journal keepers, and journalists keeping journals on the internet and calling themselves “escribitionists,” from which blogs borrowed the concept (University of British Columbia).

There are various blogs on the web, personal blogs, which are created to manage criticism from someone to reflect on a situation in blogger’s life, or a business blogs. In business blogs enhances communication or feedback throughout the company. External users question blogs that are geared towards the view of information seekers by using question-answer form. Media blogs includes videos, pictures and current or historical blogs that critique new stories, blogs are also used for educational, political, other blog types are educational, political, topical, research. The usage of blogs is such that some sites are members-only sites, where users must pay a subscription fee, while other blog sites allow access to any...
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