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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Week 4 Checkpoint- Web site Navigation Paper.

Web site navigation is in my opinion the most important aspect for site to be successful. Navigation design will be the key to determine, if visitors will stay on one site to perform whatever they might be that they require; such as completing a sale. It is important for users Have an easy smooth transaction, and that starts with navigation. There are best practices that will enhance the navigation of one web site.

1.Create one navigation bar easy to locate.
Either six or seven main categories of one site should come into view at the top of the page or on the left side of the home page. These two areas should be the most visible areas and one’s main categories should be place in one of these two areas. On the other hand subcategories should be locate or place underneath of the agreeing category in the form of drop-down menu.

2.Maintain Tittles short, informative and simple.

It is important to users know what are they getting with a simple and clear tittles. There should never come across any surprises for example instead of writing, “resources” write “news link”.

3.Remain consistent.

“Navigational links should be consistent throughout every page on your site. They should be in the same location with the same font, style and title.” I think that consistency is important keep on a good navigation.

4.Let users know where they are at all times.

It is extremely important that users always know where they are located at all time, especially if they are under a series of subsections. “For example, the navigation may show Shoes > Sneakers > Nike through a series of now open drop-down menus. This way, if the user changes their mind and wants to go up or down a level, then can do so (without having to start at the beginning!)”

I am planning my design to work and perform as the fallowing example:

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