Web Services

Topics: Semantic Web, XML, World Wide Web Pages: 22 (6964 words) Published: July 23, 2012


Luong Viet Phong

A thesis proposal submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering.

Examination Committee:Prof. Vilas Wuwongse (Chairman)

Nationality: Vietnam
Previous Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology Ho Chi Minh University of Technology Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Asian Institute of Technology
School of Advanced Technology
August 2005


1.2Problem Statement1
2.1Industrial efforts3
2.2Academic efforts4
2.2.1Semantic Web Service Language5
2.2.2Automatic Web Service Composition8
2.2.3Current problems10

1 Background

Web Service is one of the most interesting technologies in recent years. Web Service is a software application identified by a URI, whose interfaces and binding are capable of being defined, described and discovered by XML artifacts and supports direct interactions with other software applications using XML based messages via Internet-based protocols [1]. Informally, Web Service is a software component that can be accessed through the Internet. It is language independent and platform independent. For example, a software component written on .Net framework can call or communicate with a Web Service written in Java language and deployed on Linux platform. This may provide the flexibility for the developers and increase the collaboration among the service providers. Due to these properties, Web Service has appealed to software community. Within the development of Web Service, service oriented architecture has been developed rapidly and been used in wide ranges of information technology applications. The applications are built by assembling appropriated services. Thus the description, discovery, matching, composition and execution of Web services are key actions when building services and service-oriented applications.

Exploiting Web Service has many benefits. Thus the amount of Web services is increasing rapidly. Many companies and organizations have just implemented their core business and outsourced other application services over the Internet. More enterprises have collaborated with others to offer valued-added integrated services by combining existing Web services. In addition, the user requirements and the changing of business environment are more complicated. A single Web services may not satisfy the user need. Thus many pre existing Web services may have to be composed to create novel functionalities. Moreover, the composite Web services can increase re-using and extension of Web services in development. Therefore, Web service composition is a potential area. It has been one of major streams in researches about Web Service.

2 Problem Statement

In general, Web service composition is the ability of one business to provide value-added services through composition of basic Web services, possibly offered by different companies. Because of its potential, there are many researches about it in both industry and academic environment. The first effort is in industrial world. Numerous Web Service composition languages are created by many giants in software industry, such as IBM, Microsoft, BEA, etc. These enterprises are trying to propose their languages as the standard for composing Web Services. On the other hand, the academic researches have concentrated on Semantic Web Service. Semantic Web Service Language and Automatic Web Service Composition are two important streams in these researches. The first stream focuses on creating an expressive and powerful language to add more semantic...
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