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Web servers – are computer systems that serve or deliver web pages in response to requests from browsers using software applications based on: Client/server model – a computational architecture that involves client processes requesting service from server processes Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) – an application protocol which defines how files are transferred on the world wide web. These applications differ mostly in “server side” features such as authentication and access control mechanisms, CGI support and API. Factors to consider in choosing a web server:

* Ability to handle server-side programming
* Security characteristics
* How well it works with the operating system and other servers * Bundled publishing, search engine and site building tools Web server softwares:
Apache – A general purpose HTTP server from the Apache HTTP server project, which aimed to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT. Advantages: It’s open source. Many eyes are looking over the source code and many people are contributing to the source code meaning that bugs get fixed fast and they get fixed constantly. It is robust, stable and very secure. And it’s free. Disadvantages: It is already pre-configured so if you mess with the code, there is no technical support to turn to, only web forums. There is no setup wizards for beginners. Microsoft’s Internet Information Server – Web server from Microsoft that provides Web application infrastructure for Windows Server. Advantages: Easy to install. Instant access to databases and lots of programmers ready to design dynamic pages for you Disadvantages: only available for MS Windows OS. Can be costly and is not as fast or stable as the Apache. Novell’s Web Server – Web server for users of Novell’s NetWare operating system; the latest release is the NetWare Enterprise Web Server. Advantages: Easier user account administration and more flexible user access...
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