Web Retailing Analysis, Amazon.Com

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: July 1, 2008
·What is the most important customer benefit stressed on this site?

The site stresses discounts and savings on their products, implying that shopping with Amazon will help customers get the best value for their money. ·How does the company try to create a relationship with its customers? What evidence of enhanced customer value do you see? Based on what you see, rate their success on a scale of 1 - 5.

The company’s website saves customer preferences and past purchase categories and interests, then uses this information to recommend products they may be interested in. They also show their customers’ top picks in the favored category, as well as related purchases that other clients had purchased. Customer value is evident in the fact that the website saves time and helps to narrow down favorite products for their repeat customers, while offering discounted prices. Amazon therefore gets 4/5 for relationship and value. ·If you were to rate the use of marketing concept on a scale of 1-5, to what extent does this site employ the marketing concept? Support your answer with relevant examples from the site.

The marketing concept, “identifying and satisfying consumer needs to ensure…profitability,” (Solomon, et al 2008) was evident in the fact that the website does save preferences and recommend products based on customer’s historical search references. Their score in this category would be 4 out of 5. Their “recommended for you” and “selected for you” sections capture products that are individualized based on customer needs. They also send follow-up emails to ascertain their customer experience with the previous purchases. ·Identify and discuss the macro-environmental factors that influence this business and assess the impact of each of these factors on its future success/failure on a scale of 1-5.

Macro environmental factors (excerpted from Argosy University MKT 302 Lecture Notes, page 3-4/9) include: Demographic – Changes in the customer base for Amazon...
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