Web Regestration System (System Analysis and Design)

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Al Ain University of Science and Technology
College of Engineering and Information Technology

Web Registration System

Registration System


|Ability to Develop |Structured Methodologies |RAD Methodologies |Agile Methodologies | |System | | | | | |Waterfall |Parallel |Phased |Prototyping |Throwaway Prototyping|XP | |Unclear Requirements |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate | |Unfamiliar Technology |inappropriate |inappropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |inappropriate | |Complexity |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |inappropriate | |Reliable |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |inappropriate |appropriate |appropriate | |Short Time Schedule |inappropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate | |Schedule Visibility |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |appropriate |

This Project is relatively a simple project. So, most of these methodologies fit finely with this project. The table above shows that Throwaway Prototyping and Phased methodologies are the most suitable for our project. In the system request, one of the constraints was to deliver a running part of the project (a running phase) within 4 months of the start. So, in my opinion, the best methodology to be implemented for this project is the Phased Methodology.

Planning for building:
- Web Registration System (WRS) For Al Ain University

System Request

Project sponsor:
• IT Manager
• Financial Department Manager

Business needs:
• Developing a new system to take the advantage of the new technology (Internet). • Make the registration process easier for the current & new students (this attract more students).

• The system should be available on the Web for every body inside & outside the university. • Search available courses for next semester.
• Students will be able to pay online their registration fees. • Students can register (including add and drop) courses. • Students can view/print their results in different courses.

Business value:
• Tangible
- 7% increase in the number of students from the Abu Dhabi market and 2% from the other regions of the UAE. - Reduce the number of the students who are leaving or changing to other universities from 3% to 1%. • Intangible

- Improve students' satisfaction.
- Improve Employee's satisfaction.

Special constraints:
• Time constraints:
- The system should be available in beginning of June 2010 - 6 months to deliver the final and complete system. - Beta should be deployed in 5 months
• Technical constraints:
- Database can't be accessed by any one. There are restrictions that apply to data access. - The system will be available 24hrs for everyone.
- Every day at least one backup for the database should be taken.

Technical Feasibility

1 Familiarity with technology:
All the stuff persons who will work in this project have good experience and they are familiar with technologies they will use.

2 Familiarity with the business area:
We found all the...