Web Page Design Proposal

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Table of content

1.1.Description and purpose2
1.2.Target audience2
2.Design consideration3
2.1.Development Language3
2.2.Programming Technologies3
2.3.Authoring Tools4
2.4.Technical Limitations4
3.Website Analysis4
3.1.Need Analysis4
3.2.Content Analysis4
3.3.Competitive Analysis5
3.4.Site layout of proposed site6
4.Design Description7
4.1.Site Content7
4.2.Visual Design9
5.Website Standards10
6.Acronyms and abbreviations11
7.1.Raw data11


A web site is developed for the purpose of building a relationship with a target audience. Websites are generally developed to sell a product or service, to inform and educate, or to provide a forum for social interaction and entertainment. Many web sites are developed as a combination of more than one purpose, also referred to as a hybrid.

1 Description and purpose

I have chosen cartoon art galleries for my assignment. The main purpose of my report is to give brief information about the Cartoon and as well as Art. Here I will try to provide some entertainment for the kind and give some idea about the arts. And arrange art exhibitions of new artists to anchorage their work. There are different cartoon and animation art, a comprehensive research library, and galleries of exhibition space. Anyone can join with us and they can see and participate with our many book signings, lectures, cartooning classes or workshops with professional and aspiring cartoonists. Our main goal is to save the document and exhibit to the people about different ideas and views through the cartoon and art.

2 Target audience

Target audiences are individuals, kids, groups, communities and middle aged peoples who have the interest about arts and cartoons. I will target the peoples who are well educated and who are also not much educated. The age of the audience is from 8 to 60 years.

3 Scope

This website will maintain a large amount of cartoon and art. Cartoons have been used to address almost as many issues and themes as text-based works; they convey non-fiction information from history and autobiography to several things. Comic’s content may be non-fiction, or it may fit into one or more fiction genres, such as western, superhero, or funny animal stories. Through running exhibitions and other exhibit-related activities — such as artists-in-residence, lectures, and outreach — the gallery has taken cartoon art and used it to communicate cultural diversity in the community, as well as the importance of self-expression. We are also tried to accumulate the historical background of different nations. There is some limitation in this website is that the image resolution is not good. And I didn’t add any animation and video in this website.

Design consideration

1 Development Language

In this website I am going to use common language. Coding used in web page development that follow a specific set of universal rules in order to be recognized in a variety of platforms, maintain standards, and enable web page collaboration.

A language that I use is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML 5), an authoring language used to create files that can be viewed on the Worldwide Web. These instructions, or tags, are embedded in the text/images that appear on a web page. The embedded tags define the layout and appearance of the web page. HTML is platform independent, which means code can be created on one type of computer and viewed in a browser on another type of computer without altering the page’s appearance.

The other one is CSS 1 (Cascading Style Sheets) Separates content from appearance and gives web authors more control over layout and page format.

I will use PHP (Hypertext Processor) is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language...
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