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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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The website I chose for my web report critique is WebMD – Better information. Better health. The URL for this website is http://www.webmd.com. I chose WebMD because I use it personally and enjoy all of the website’s articles and health tips. The website is not only for the health conscious, but also for all people with curious minds, ranging between all ages, gender and ethnicity. All in all, WebMD accommodates everyone and has an extensive amount of information on medical curiosities for those to read and enjoy. The WebMD website is designed to help people understand particular illnesses, learn how the body works, how to live a healthy life and so much more. A person can search a specific illness to find out its symptoms and how it can be treated. It also allows people to learn about how a specific illness will affect the body. WebMD also provides healthy living tips for women, for elderly people, for sex and relationships, and even for pets. Basically, WebMD is designed to be a person’s in-hand doctor or a quick reference before seeing a doctor physically. One can say that it is a person’s medical office squeezed all into a computer screen. WebMD is aimed to serve everyone, from doctors to the general public. The website delivers many good aspects and few weaknesses. A few good aspects to mention about WebMD is that, first, it is exceedingly descriptive on the types of illnesses listed on the site. One could type in a few symptoms and come to many listed conclusions; which could also be a negative thing. Secondly, it helps people search for medical professionals in their area. This is good because it introduces people to small practices around their city that they might not know about, instead of going with the well known medical providers. Furthermore, this is a good aspect because it allows people to choose medical professionals that fit their price range. Last but definitely not least, WebMD presents discussion boards in which many...
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