Web Development Course

Topics: PHP, Web application, Python Pages: 3 (319 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Web Development Course


The short course provides a comprehensive education in managing and developing web-based applications. It prepares participants to become specialists with knowledge and skills in the area of designing and developing web-based applications. This course will benefit IT application developers of Internet web-based business applications.

Course Objectives:
On completion of this course, the learner will have the knowledge and application skills to manage and develop a web-based project methodically. The training provides the necessary skills and knowledge to apply them to the workplace

By the end of Web Application Development with PHP online course you’ll be able to: * Build your own Web app and host it
* Get Complete Source code of our exercises
* Understand the MYSQL database
* Understand how to develop web services
* Understand how to create UI for Web Applications
* Understand deployment of web application

Web Application Development with PHP online course outline:
 Course duration: 40 hours
Chapter- 1:
* Prerequisites (background knowledge) before learning PHP * Introduction to PHP and installation
* Introduction to XAMPP and WAMP and its installations
* Basics of PHP
* Conditional Statements in PHP
* Arrays
* Loops
* Functions
* Forms
* Validations
Chapter- 3:
* File Manipulations
* Sessions
* Cookies
* Query Strings
* Error Handling
* Exceptional Handling
* E-mail
* Authentication in PHP
* Security considerations
* PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
* Database Programming: PHP with MySQL & PHPMyAdmin
* Adobe Photoshop
* Graphic Designing
* Image Editing
* Image for Web
* Design Layout
* Slicing
Chapter- 6:
* The Basics of HTML
* Relationship between html and css
* More css designs
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