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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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World Wide Web Consortium
1. How did the W3C get started?
In 1994 Tim Berners-Lee started the W3C Berners-Lee was the same one who invented the World Wide Web.

2. Who can join the W3C? What does it cost to join?
Anyone that can sign the membership agreement can become a member. Cost can vary your annual payment depends on annual revenue type and location of headquarters.

3. The W3C home page lists a number of technologies. Choose one that interests you, click its link and read the associated pages. List three facts or issues you discover.

Internet Society
1. Why was the Internet Society created?
The Internet Society was founded in 1992 to provide leadership in internet related standards, education, and policy. 2. Determine the local chapter closest to you. Visit its Web site. List the web site URL and an activity or service that the chapter provides. The local chapter closest to me is the Chicago chapter. The URL is http://www.isoc-chicago.org they have a mentoring program where you can either mentor or be mentored and learn and expand your skill set. 3. How can you join the Internet Society? What does it costs to join? Would you recommend that a beginning Web developer join the Internet Society? Why or why not. You can become a global member free of charge or as a sustaining member that pays and annual fee. I would recommend that a beginning web developer join because they get involved and you can learn.

World Organization of Webmasters
1. How can you join WOW? What does it cost to join?
Whoever wants to join can join. The cost is $29 for student, $49 for Government/Educational, $69 for Individual, corporate and small business may vary. 2. List one of the events that WOW participates in. would you like to attend this event? Why or why not. Adobe MAX 2010 I would like to go because I think I would be able to learn a lot and meet others in web design. 3. List three ways that WOW can help in your future career as a web...
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