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Web-Based Software for Human Services Presentation
BSHS 352 Technology in Human Services
November 21, 2011
Donna Zeh

Web-Based Software for Human Services Presentation
In the human service field technology is becoming one of the same. When dealing with clients it is important that human service professionals understand what the clients need and how the services can be offered to them successfully. One of the most effective ways to ensure that the client is receiving the necessary services is to collect as much data on resources as possible and computer software is an effective place to house all of this data. Team C has chosen to analyze the how computer software can enhance the client service sector. FamCare, Harmony Information Systems and Client Services Manager-Mental Health 4.0 are three software programs there are used in the human service field to help facilitate human service professionals with a plethora of services for the clients. Team C will explain how the software enhances the use of client services, describe how to use these programs, describe the advantage and disadvantage of the software, and explain how an organization will determine how to choose a software program. How Software Can Enhance Client Services

FamCare, Harmony Information Systems, and Client Services Manager- Mental Health 4.0 allows professionals to directly insert information into the system and reduce the costs associated in the human service sector while providing better care with improved solutions. The programs allow users to track clients, monitor programs and offer services in addition to understanding trends. The software enhances the client service sector of human services by allowing the professional to react in real time from any location because each program is web-based. The system also allows for accessibility and flexibility in the working environment. Files such as documents, voice notes, and videos can be uploaded instantly to a client’s file electronically from any secure location. The programs allow for easier and immediate access to clients files while also assisting in the billing processes and advanced reporting. In addition, these three programs allow for accessibility of information to the caregivers and clients. These programs offer access to client management while tracking client intakes, notes, service plans, scheduling, and reporting. These programs can also be accessed by computers on secure networks or they can be accessed with mobile handheld devices, such as smart phones or iPads. The mobility of these programs allows for professionals to focus on the patient rather than on the paperwork. How Software Can Be Used in Client Services

Human service organizations consists of many functional areas including human resources, client services, operations, finance marketing, administration, and IT support, which handles such technological areas as computer networking, software applications, and the Internet. One primary sector of a human service organization is client services. Client services can use software to help keep a record of a client's personal data and referrals as well as organize any reports or pertinent notes (Davenport, 1998). Specialized software would help a human services provider obtain a better understanding of exactly what services are best suited for a client, what areas are proving to be most beneficial and in what areas a client may need additional services. The use of specialized software would also prove helpful in keeping track of a human services provider's hours as they are paid by the amount of time they spend directly helping a client. Specialized software would also make it more convenient when filing reports as many software packages offer applications that compile reports from the data that has been entered. This is a time saving convenience because human services providers will not have to spend that time tracing the services provided and writing the report...
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