Web Based Information Kiosk of Sorsogon City

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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Technologies emerge out of dynamic social processes, and reciprocally, communities co-emerge with the new technologies. People continue to find ways to simplify and solve their problems effectively and efficiently to be able to cope up with the rapid growth of information and communication technology. Technological advancements transform the basic nature of information management. These provide us with modern means of publicizing information.

Management Information System, as an example of such advancement, is a physically, referenced information management technology. Management Information Systems are used extensively in various applications like analysis, and natural resource assessment. They allow efficient and flexible storage, display, and exchange of spatial data. Many of these information systems are based on hypermedia technology where the data are combined in a variety of formats like images, sounds, video clips, maps and documents that most people can understand. Like all technologies, Management Information schemes are part of the larger society and co-evolve with it.

In our daily encounter with many people, it is not only once that we bump into someone who is clueless about the place where he wants to go, or maybe he knows the name of the place, but doesn’t have an idea where to find it. This inevitable situation happens everywhere as well as in Sorsogon where facts about the city were distributed in different forms such as brochures or pamphlets. This method of disseminating information sometimes causes trouble, discontent or annoyance. Since these brochures or pamphlets might have the tendency of getting lost, thrown-away, wrecked or burned, the information will also wiped out or worst, unrecoverable. As observed, the researchers saw the need for a modernized method of sharing out information. For that same reason, the researchers then proposed this system entitled “A Web-based Management Information Kiosk of Sorsogon City” to complement the needs of the people.

“A Web-Based Management Information Kiosk” is a computer-based information system which attempts to store, manipulate, analyze and display geographically referenced and associated tabular attribute data. It is designed to deliver information to the users in the absence of human.  Web-Based kiosks may store data locally, or retrieve data from a computer network. Some information kiosks provide a free, informational public service.

The study “A Web-Based Management Information Kiosk of Sorsogon City” is an example of such Information Kiosk. This is proposed to make the data management easy and accessible. This will help not just an individual but all people in this City since the system is fully automated and can be accessed online. This is also intended to provide faster and easier entry to the city related data with the integration of images, maps, texts, and other forms of analytical and research tools. In this study, the data that the researchers gathered are prepared and presented in an associative manner where even those non-technical people who are not equipped with technical knowledge can easily grasp understanding.

The researchers also aim to inform the public about Sorsogon thus giving information to the users about the city, its barangays, and some of its popular tourist destinations which other people might not be unacquainted or accustomed with.

The researchers believed that this study will be of great advantage compared to the traditional way of disseminating information.

This study aims to develop A Web-Based Management Information Kiosk of Sorsogon City. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following:

1. How will this study supply the information that will correspond to the needs of the City, the Sorsogueños, the Local and Barangay officials and every individual who will set their eyes in Sorsogon City?

2. How fast will this system retrieve the data...
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