Web Analytics in the Context of Marketing

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Question:| Share with me what you have learnt today.|

* How we can used web analytics in the context of marketing From this, I understood that wen analytics can be used as a tool for market research as it provides information about the visitor to a website and the number of page views. This will help to improve the effectiveness of a website.

* The different types of commonly used metrics to analyse the traffic and effective of a website and identifying what are the desired outcome (high/low) for the different metric. There are 8 different types of commonly used metrics to analyse the traffic and effectiveness of the website. It is important to identify the possible cause of the undesired outcome of each metrics to further improve each metric. For example, if the visits metric outcome is low, there is possibility that the website is too wordy, may contain internal physical noise as there are too many fancy colours and unorganized things.

* Sales funnel optimization, the advanced tools of ‘click path analysis’ in web analytics With sales funnel optimization; we can convert visitors into customers and ensure that it produces a high conversion rate. When more people actually add more items to the shopping cart and finally purchase the item, this will result in an increase in the closed deals. As for the click path analysis, we can further understand the customer navigational behaviour.

* Two online marketing tools which is the banner advertisement and email. Advertisers are like the owner of the advertisement/banner while publishers are the one who will publish/host the advertisement. There are a few commonly used web analytic metrics for publisher’s comparison and this helps to source for publisher for an online marketing campaign. Next, will be the cost/pricing Model for publisher to offer various cost for the online advertisement offer (Advertiser should pay publisher based on this model) Last but not least will be to know Importance...
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