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For the starting point,
What is weathering and Erosion which also gives us the difference between these two types? Weathering is the breaking down of rocks and erosion is when rocks are being transported to different locations There are two types of weathering: Mechanical and Chemical

What is mechanical weathering? Mechanical weathering is when many processes of weathering break rocks apart into particles. There are 5 types of mechanical weathering. Abrasion, animal action, freezing and thawing, release of pressure and plant growth.

Abrasion is caused by friction or rubbing of the skin with a rough surface Animal action is when animals burrow in the ground and break up rocks. Freezing and thawing is when water freezes in cracks of rock, and makes the cracks bigger. Release of pressure is when Rocks formed under the Earth's surface have too much pressure. As those rocks are moved toward the Earth's surface, pressure is released and the rocks expand, which lead to fracturing. Plant Growth is when Roots make cracks in rocks.

What is Chemical weathering? Chemical Weathering is the weathering of a rock surface through chemical processes. There are also 5 types of chemical weathering. Water, oxidation, carbonation, living organism and acid rain. Water introduces chemical active agents by fractures and causing rocks to crumble. Oxidation is the combination of oxygen with elements in rock, producing new rock that is usually softer and easier to break. Rust is an example of oxidation. Carbonation is when carbon dioxide is added to rock minerals as Carbonic Acid. The carbon dioxide part of the acid is arising from the atmosphere. Then the acid reacts with minerals and dissolves them. Living organism weathering occurs when mosses grow on rocks and clear an acid that chemically breaks down the rock. Acid rain occurs when gases such as sulfur dioxide and etc. are present in the atmosphere. These oxides react in the rain water to produce stronger acids. Sulfur dioxide,...
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