Weather Forecasting and Statistics

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Statistics: Application of Statistics in Today’s Society

Statistics is the collection of data and its representation or interpretation. It is used to analyze what is happening in the world around us. We live in an age where having information about the entire world is necessary as it affects us in many ways, either directly or indirectly. A lot of this information we get is actually compiled by statistics. Statistics is mainly a problem solving field of study and understanding. It is “the science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures”- Evan Esar. Statisticians get satisfaction by working for the solutions as they have a drive and wish for solving mathematical as well as data problem. Statistics is a very fast mounting spotlight these days. Statistics today is applied in weather forecast, predicting diseases and the stock market.

Weather forecasting is a process that cannot be predicted without the application of Statistics. Weather forecasting uses the history (or statistics) of the earlier period weather systems in that particular area to predict what upcoming method will do. Today, meteorologists can predict the probability of weather in different areas with the aid of computer programs by comparing past statistics with current conditions (Weather forecasting, 1991).The growth of statistical ways for increasing the scale and correctness of model predictions is one of the most important applications of statistics in weather forecast these days. It also has enhanced the potential of observation by meteorological satellites. Statistical techniques also permit a wider range of meteorological basis to prognosticate than do the models alone, and they can further more easily mold the geographically less precise model forecasts to precise areas. Weather forecast is totally based on a variety of statistical tools. It has to do with the probability to come up with the average temperatures of the particular area for a month or season or information...
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