Topics: Wind, Weather, Ice Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Waking up early changing the channels from news to news noticing that every forecast seems to say the same, twenty-eight degrees fahrenheit with terrible winds at ten mph or twenty-five degrees fahrenheit with five mph winds. You are flipping through channels just hoping for one of them to say something different because this bitter chilly weather is never a good start for a day. It always seems to cause trouble, attacking the five senses in the most rough, dreadful, unsatisfying ways and makes me feel like an Eskimo living in Alaska or Greenland. With this weather you best believe many people are going to be late for work, school or any place they need to be. Waking up in the morning is the hard part, for the fact that you are extremely warm inside your bed but noticing that you have stand up with forty- five minutes left. Trying to cover yourself with your blanket but still feeling the below zero degrees air coming in your bed hitting your body. You are staring at the window hearing the trees and the wind fighting each other on a battle that seems to never end. You finally get the courage of standing and running into the bathroom with thirty-five minutes left. Taking the quickest but smallest steps, avoiding anything and everything in your path because with this weather you are living in an igloo like an Eskimo. Turning on the shower and waiting for it to get warm, you start to feel the goose bumps in your body jump out one by one screaming for help. Putting a hand in the tub checking to see if the water is warm enough, seeing the water turn into ice crystals last minute before crashing into the tub. You notice the water turn warmer and warmer, so you jump into the tub trying to get every last part of your body as hot as possible. Showers all done and you look at the time fifteen minutes left. Running back into your room hurrying up grabbing what you need to wear. Shirts after shirts, pants after pants, socks, boots, sweaters and a coat looking like a real...
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