Wearing Seat Belt

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Attention-arousing material: Do you know that every hour someone dies in crash simply from not buckling his or her seat belt and you can be a victim if you don’t simple buckle it when you get in your car?

Thesis-statement: Today I will try to persuade you that the first thing you have to do after sitting in your car is buckling your seat belt.

Credibility Statement: While investigating for this speech I confirmed that using a seat belt do save lives and also prevent you of serious injuries if you are victim of an accident.

Preview of main points: First I will describe you the problems of not using a seat belt, then I will give some solutions according to my point of view and my research and Finally I will talk about the importance and benefits of using it.


I. Too many unnecessary loses of live occur each year for the simple reason—people just don’t wear seat belts.

A. In 2006, 55% of passenger vehicle occupants killed in traffic crashes were not wearing seat belts. Seat belt use, reinforced by effective safety belt laws, is a proven life saver.

1. Approximately 35,000 people die in motor vehicle crashes each year. About 50 percent (17,000) of these people could be saved if they wore their safety belts.

2. For maximum protection safety belts should be fastened before traveling any distance or speed. Seventy-five percent of crash deaths and injuries occur within 25 miles of home. More than half of all injury-producing motor vehicle crashes involve low speeds under 40 m.p.h.

a. In a 30 m.p.h. collision an unbelted 160 lb. Person can strike another passenger, crash through a windshield and/or slam into the vehicle's interior with a 4,800 lb. force.

b. For every one percent increase in safety belt use, 172 lives and close to $100 million in annual injury and death costs could be saved.

B. Children are the most prejudiced in a crash for not wearing seat belt or if the adults that are with them in the car do not use it.

1. Adults who are not wearing safety belts are crushing a common cause of death and injury to children in motor vehicles. Occupants being thrown into each other cause one out of four serious injuries to passengers.

a. About 80 percent of all injuries to children in car crashes are injuries to the head, causing brain damage, permanent disfigurement, epilepsy or death.

b. Safety belt use is one of the best defenses against the unpredictable actions of the drunk driver.

2. An injury caused by a car crash has biggest effects in children than in an adult when talking about injuries, it also take the children in a traumatic era for years and need psychological treatments if they survive.

a. Of every 100 children who die in motor vehicle crashes at least 80 would survive if they were properly secured in an approved child safety seat or safety belts.

b. An estimated 80 percent of American children area immunized against contagious diseases, but less than 10 percent are properly restrained when riding in a motor vehicle.

II. Now that I´ve talked about the problems of not wearing seat belt I will give you some solutions to this problem.

A. Theres only one solution for this, wear your seat belt. But what if somebody remind us of using it?

1. Motorists can increase safety belt usage by example and verbal reminders. Nine out of 10 people buckle up when asked.

2. Cars companies can join all together with this problem and adapt technologies in the cars that always remind you to wear your seatbelt.

a. Researches have shown that when adults buckle up, 87% of children get buckled up too.

b. Actually, many cars factories such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, etc. applied a technology that reminds the drivers when they are not using their seat belts, it consists in an irritating...
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