Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniform

Topics: United States Army, Military, Army Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: November 22, 2012
In the army there are many uniforms a soldier has to wear. This is for the different activities a soldier does. For everything from their daily Physical Training (PT), their regular working uniform Army Combat Uniform (ACU), or their dress uniform either the Army Service Uniform (ASU), or the Army Green Service Uniform (Class A). Each uniform is design to fit a specific task and to be worn a in certain way. A great resource for either the ASU or the Class A is the “U.S. ARMY UNIFORM GUIDE.” I found this little book a great resource because it shows every form of the ASU for both males and females soldiers, for officers and enlisted. I found this to be great because it shows where everything goes, and how to measure everything, and for a new soldier like me it is important to have the little things right. Over time the uniform of a soldier has change. Since the days of the Revolutionary War to today modern wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the uniform has change but the guide lines has not. As the uniform evolved, so has the regulation that covers it has also. The regulation that covers this is Army Regulation 670-1, the covers everything from how to cut and maintain your hair to how to wear jewelry, eyeglasses and sunglasses. This regulation is something every soldier should read, even the ones who have been in for over ten years. Because from what I have learned is that this regulation is constantly changing. How to wear the army uniform is important because when we put on the uniform we don’t just represent ourselves but the army as a whole as well. One thing I have learned in my short 20 years of life is how important the clothes you wear impact you as person. Because they can be tell tell sings of what type of person you are. As in the book “APPERANCES” witch talks about how the clothes you wear can say a lot of what type of person you are, or how do you live your lifestyle. When I was a little boy I would always watch how a few of my neighbors, which were in...
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