Weapons of Mass Destruction

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  • Published : January 18, 2006
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The Possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction

In today's society, we, as a global community have the mutual goal of world peace. No country should hold any weapons, whether nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological weapons of mass destruction. They trigger unnecessary wars and events, are extremely dangerous and the overall reputation of the country with the possession of weapons of mass destruction is ruined. The society, the environment and the economy of the country is basically destroyed by weapons of mass destruction; not to mention the mass amounts of lives lost resulting from them. Weapons of mass destruction are still very prevalent; even though we are educated in the harms, which obviously outweigh the positive aspects of these weapons.

A society of a country can consist of anywhere from standard of living and the way people live, to the religions and beliefs of the country's citizens. Iraq and surrounding countries, in particular, are full of warfare and conflict over their possession of weapons of mass destruction. The population is in constant danger over the threat of weapons of mass destruction to the United States and other countries. Not only are there mass amounts of deaths each year because of the danger, the society cannot simply live a normal life. The citizens are living terrible lives because of the backlash of the poor economy. If the use of or possession of weapons of mass destruction continues, life for societies involved will continue to decrease, resulting in a lower standard of living. This is something that no one deserves. It is unfair for citizens to have to also reap the punishments of possession of weapons of mass dissertation just because one form of authority believes they should have it, even for protection.

Many countries around the world possess weapons of mass destruction and this is very dangerous for the environment. With biological, chemical and radiological weapons being used in many wars, it damages our...
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