Weapon of Mass Destruction: Media

Topics: Iraq War, Advertising, Iraqi people Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 2, 2012
When the media first arose, the media were only used to provide communication and information. But, development of technology and life conditions affected the media. Today, media have a new concept including different purposes like entertainment advertisement. This newness contributed the effects of the media on people. Today, in every house parents and children use TV, newspaper, PC, radio, so, the most important factor affecting people is the media. The media certainly direct people’s thoughts and attitudes. Moreover, the media do it in different ways. Every visual effect and article that people reach on computer or TV settles in people’s mind to give direction their behaviours at future times. Because of this reason, media have a main role causing people tend to having bad habits. The media do it by displaying nasty habits like etic things. Instead of show people nasty habits’ harms, the media encourage people, mostly teenagers. For example, BMS which is a TV series in USA is about university students who use alcohol and drugs all the time. People who watch it disregard these nasty habits when their friends or relatives have these habits. This leads to an increase in having bad habits among people. Furthermore, because of the media, people may imagine themselves like TV heroes. For example, in 2001 a child who imagines herself Pikachu which is one of the most famous cartoon heroes jumped down from sixth floor. In addition, in Turkey, most people copy Polat Alemdar who is well-known TV character. People who watch this character started to buy weapons and violence, after this character. Secondly, the media have impacts also mentally on society. People may limit their way of thinking by their views on TV. Firstly, programs in which famous people or authorities share their ideas about recent topic may direct what audience think about the topic. To illustrate, in 2003 there was a war between USA and Iraq. Before the war, some...
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