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Topics: Iran, Wealth, Poverty Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Analysis of Graphic Novel Persepolis

Persepolis is a graphic memoir which portraits Marjane Satrapi’s live when she was young and the lively recent history of Iran. Satrapi mentions the historic evolution, sexism and revolution of the citizen which happen in her childhood. She only used black and white in her graphics, which makes the memoir doleful, even there are graphics that appear happiness, it is being sarcastic or eventually turns out to tragedy. For instance, people are satisfied when the shah departs but they don’t know there would be a tempest coming soon after all and causing tons of deaths. (P.42,Persepolis) the effect of using black and white also intensify the horror of the tragic Iran history which is full of prejudice and hierarchy, according to Hillary Chute “The minimalist play of black and white is part of Satrapi’s stated aim, as with avant-garde tradition, to present events with a pointed degree of abstraction in order to call attention to the horror of history, by re-representing endemic images, either imagined or reproduced, of violence.” (P.98, Hillary) “The Key” one of the chapters in the graphic novel is impressive. Satrapi’s goal is to indicate the cultural conflict, the different between wealth and poor and the Tang2

dreadfully brainwashing. These elements make the chapter becomes impressive but also the most depressive in the whole novel. (P.94-102,Persepolis) The juxtaposition of images of the party and the sacrifices cause by Iranian soldiers killed during the war with Iraq intensify the presenting of her goal. Satrapi employs a technique of parallel composition to underscore difference by constructing visual similarities. (P.102,Persepolis) Satrapi describes how does she feel when she has to obey the authority of the new rules ”I agreed with my mother. I too tried to think only of life. However, it wasn’t always easy: At school, they lined us up twice a day to mourn the war dead. They put on funeral marches,...
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