Wealth Management Cover Letter

Topics: Investment, Financial services, Capital accumulation Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: October 2, 2012
With seven years of experience in the financial services industry, I’ve developed a strong financial acumen highlighted by expertise in asset and investment management. My knowledge and continuous study of the capital markets will allow me to contribute greatly in the XXX position. I’ve worked with non-profits and foundations and have also administered on family trust accounts. I’ve given investment advice, managed money for HNWs, raised capital for early stage companies and helped investors diversify their portfolio. Because of this I’ve earned the trust of many stakeholders and have built, strengthened and solidified what has become my strongest attribute; interpersonal skills. My skills and expertise were developed from building long term relationships with my clients. In my last position with XXX, I was responsible for developing our book of business made up of households with $500k-$10MM in liquid/investible assets. This was done primarily through networking with COIs in the community, integrating with internal business partners and receiving referrals from our existing client base. I was the primary contact for each client’s banking and investment relationship and was the “quarterback” on the team actively coordinating strategies for all of our clients’ relationships. Afterward, I was recruited to help build out a distribution platform for a boutique investment bank in the Chicago market. In this role, I have expanded my knowledge in private equity, venture capital and alternative investments. Private investments have inherently more risk/reward associated with them and I take that into account in order to make appropriate recommendations for our investors. I set clear expectations when communicating with our client base and can articulate in a way that allows individuals to understand even when something may be new or unfamiliar to them. While I’ve enjoyed my time and have formed even more relationships in my current role, I am excited at the...
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