Weaker Sex

Topics: Marriage, Family, Wife Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: December 19, 2011
I have often heard it said that women are the weaker sex. I assume that this means that men are stronger than women are. The only sense in which this is true is that most men are physically stronger than women are. Other than that, although men would like us to think they are the strong ones, we know better.

In our society mothers head the majority of one-parent families. That tells me that men tend to show their strength by letting their ex-wives take care of the family when the marriage fails. Of course, some of them simply don't bother to get married, making it easier to walk away. You don't see many men raising children alone. Since we are the stronger sex, they have decided that it is simply easier to let us women do it. They must think that their sole responsibility is to father the children.

Then we come to the couples who have remained are together and who both have to work just to make ends meet. Before these women can even go to work in the morning, they must already put in a day's work, getting their husband and children ready for the day. For instance, they must prepare breakfast and lunches, dress the children and Dad, as well as transport the baby to the sitter. On the other hand, Dad assumes that if he hasn't asked for anything today, he's done his wife a great favor! After work, these women have to come home and run the house. These women do the cooking, cleaning, and shopping, as well as make sure there is proper childcare and generally keep the family going. Most of the time, in the families that I have known, the wives also take care of the bills. They must anticipate any problems that may arise, always making sure that their combined income stretches to cover all their living expenses. In other words the husband of such a household once again shows his great strength by working every day and bringing home the paycheck. He thinks that if he does that and hands it over to "the little woman" to keep the finances in order,...
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