We the Earthians ???

Topics: Poverty, Tax, Value added tax Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Are we really the son/daughter of our mother Earth who gave birth to some great mens like Albert Einstein, Indira Gandhi, Henry Parkes,Dr. Christiaan Barnard, Benazir Bhutto and many more. Due to these men the name of our mother land was taken all over the human society with respect, but what have we done, just opposite of it. Today the number of poor in our country is more than population of happy people. We have the example of example of Singapore, which got independence after India, but today its development condition is far better than India. A wide gap of development can be seen between these two countries. Whatever may be the reason, whether fast rate of growing population or varied culture or anything else, we people just know how to defend our own mistakes and how to get rid of punishment, but not how to make it correct. This has almost become the nature of everyone. We should change our way of thinking. We have confined resources but we should have bound-free imagination. Due to this reason only there is a wide gap between the sports played. When the Indian cricket wins even a simple series, the player gets lakhs of money but when the hockey players wins the Asia Cup, they get only Rs. 25000. Why is it so? Is cricket only game played in India? The same is the economic condition here. The rich people are getting more and more rich and poor people more poor. So ,are the rich people the only citizen of India? Why is it so, that when a high profiled person get a sneeze then much money is spent on the person to treat in some good foreign hospital but a single paisa is even not spent on those TB patients who died due to lack of money. We would have often heard in interviews with politicians in which they would be saying that they could not provide good service to each of the people living in the corner of the country due to a large population. But my question is that how is that government collecting taxes from each and every people through goods, income...
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