We Tested the Hypothesis That Employee Turnover and Firm Performance Have an Inverted U-Shaped Relationship: Overly High or Low Turnover Is Harmful. Our Analysis Was Based on Economic Performance Data from 110 Offices

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  • Published: October 6, 2012
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Chapter 1

1 Introduction

Global is changing life is a part of that environment change, its complex and challenging to achieve the life. Achieving the life not only for a single person but also for an entire organization success is beyond that. Path of success may have to face many problems such as environment change, labour problems, limited resources market situation etc.

Some organization easily over come the problem, some will take time to solve it but some of them will lose to over come from the problem finally the company will vanish from the market. But every organization always beyond on problems but a proper management helps to avoid those circumstances.

Today the rapidly changing world is combined with multiples of organizations. There are various ways of defining an organization. A well-quoted definition indicates that an organization is a collection of people to achieve some common goals .organization is engaged in economic as well as social activities and they have both economic and social objectives depending on the man power of that organization. Also an organization is a group of persons whose interactions are structured into goal –directed activities. Organizations are bound with vision, mission, goals, objectives, policies, procedures, etc all are created to achieve the objectives. When starting their path with the target customers organizations are tend to face many challenges, obstacles, barriers and problems in their successful track.

Today’s companies, governments and non-profit organizations are recognized that to be successful, they need to be conversant with and modern techniques. Many organizations use many new technologies to face organizational trends. When facing the challenges, modern management helps a lot for the organizations. So management also plays a major role in the organizational context. For each and every activity we need management. Management has become the main success factor of...
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