We Spend Too Much Money on and Games

Topics: Australia Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: March 17, 2013
We spend too much money on toys and games
For me there is no real debate, we as Australians simply spend too much money on novelties such as toys and games. People are taking money for granted these days, even though Austrlia is clkassifeid as a n expensive country. People are spending money on toys and games , which will most likely become boring after a few uses, spoil children and money can be spent better off for charity or a long term savings plan. Firstly as I mentioned toys and games may be plentiful fun at arrival, but after a few uses as you have possibly experience become boring, and have no further use. I am certain that every child in Australia that is labelled as ‘ the toy nobody plays with anymore’. I have personally experienced this my self, for example my mum bought me and my younger sister a monopoly bard game, me and my sister played it contiunuosly for three days and after that it got boring and to the recent day is not used and its pieces are scattered around the house. The toy simply has no fun value anymore, it becomes classified as garbage. A university professor from UTS, conducted a survey which for me showed predictable results, 80%, I repeat 80% of children after continuous use get bored of toys and classify thm as a waste of space. Do you really want to spend money on something that will soon be garbage? Secondly, toys and games not only are boring after use, but they also have the potenila to spoil your children! Spending too much money on toys will spoil the children of Australia. Did your Parents raise you, to spoil your children? We want the children of Austrlalia to get use to the environment, spoiling thme will make it seem for them that life is easy, and that everything is served on a gold platter. We want the children of Australi to know that hard work and determination Is the jkey to success not toys and games. Spending too much money on toys and games is definitely not promoting the right message. An expert on wellbeing...
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