We Should Use Ipods and Cellular Phones at School

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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Listening to music affects your learning abilities. I concluded that it indeed does help keep me on task because it blocks out other distractions. Actually, there’s also research that states that music is soothing for students because they are so used to a loud environment that it’s like ‘quiet’ to them. The quiet environment’s are hard to focus, at least in my experience. It helps a lot, besides writing on a piece of paper and on the skin have traditionally been the predominant method for cheating and yet they didn’t ban pencil and paper nor your skin. Instead they look over the students so they won’t be able to cheat. I believe that iPods should be used during spare time in class, study session, and during lunch and brunch. Like cell phones, people call students during the day for a matter of reasons, but if they aren’t on vibrate, silent, or off they get taken away. Also it should be able to use your cell phone during lunch and brunch, it’s not like they’re talking to people who are working in classrooms, or they are in detention. Like a lot of students, they have to go to Saturday School for that. It’s an option, like how some students need to have a cell phone near them for their parents could keep in contact, like mine. For that the parent has to come to school to get their son/daughter’s cell back. Then they end up with Saturday School. I think that’s a pretty big punishment for a small action. Don’t you think?
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