“We See and Understand Thing Not as They Are but as We Are.” Discuss This Claim in Relation to at Least Two Ways of Knowing

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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“We see and understand thing not as they are but as we are.” Discuss this claim in relation to at least two ways of knowing.

This quote states that a person’s understanding is not objective, as it is affected by several factors. The statement speaks about seeing and understanding seeing and understanding refers to perceiving. Perception is the process where sensory stimulations is translated into organized experience . The quote mentioned above says that it depends on what we know and how we are, how we see and understand things. Knowledge is acquired by the 4 ways of knowing, sense perception, emotion, reason and language. Sense perception is they physical response of our senses to stimuli. Emotion is the state of mind responding to one’s circumstances. Reason is one of the human mental faculties that are able to generate conclusions from assumptions or premises . Language is a method of communication via signs and sounds . However one cannot rely on only one way of knowing as they are all interconnected. Our senses are limited as us humans only have 5 senses; information obtained from the senses lead to sense perception. In the world there are different species that have different senses and limitation to them as well. For example snakes have a heat detector in their tongues as they detect infrared heat rays, but the lack a good vision as they can see the movement of an object but barely the object itself as they see it blurry . Humans vary in their sense limitations, some have a finer sense of smell, some are colorblind and some suffer from deafness. This is because of the different acuteness of senses humans have. According to Gestalt psychology humans sense things in patterns rather than specific, as we tend to group similarities . For example there is a known article in The Boston Globe titled Grape Expectations, where scientists at Caltech and Stanford researched the effect price in wine tasting. People were provided with the same wine said to be at different prices, ranging from $5 to $90. The results were consistent as everyone said the more expensive the wine, the better it tasted, thought it was clearly the same wine as the cheaper. The most important part of the experimentation was that when the tasters were told the more expensive wine was coming, their brains expected a tastier wine. This proves our senses are not objective, but subjective. Wines were the same but they were sensed not as they are, equal, but as we are, expecting a better wine from the more expensive wine . As all ways of knowing are interconnected we can’t focus just on one, emotion is the reaction and response to the information received by our senses; emotion is a way of knowing that is subjective as one does not share the same emotion with someone else. According to Western Science chemical reactions cause emotions, and so every individual as they all have different physiological processes, have different emotions . Our emotions interfere with our way of thinking and our ability to reason. A personal example to confirm that emotion interferes with our ability to form coherent and unbiased thoughts is when I was to decide whether or not a person should form part of a team, I have a previous knowledge of the fact that this person is good playing hockey. Even though I know all of these facts I still do not choose her, as I do not sympathize with that person, as we have had an argument weeks ago. My emotions against her lead my thoughts to not like her playing, even though I knew she was a good player. Furthermore, there is an article in La Nacion, an argentinian newspaper, titled “El amor anula una parte del cerebro” (Love cancels a part of the brain). This article states that love, an emotion, eliminates the ability of humans to analyze someone else’s personality and good looks. Those who are in love tend to find him the handsomest partner out there and tend to ignore their faults . This shows we see and understand things considering...
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