We Pay a Price for Ever Action We Take

Topics: Mouse, Of Mice and Men, English-language films Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: May 30, 2012
There’s millions of quotes out there to refer to a situation or maybe even a way to express your feelings . In my opinion this quote means everything we do will come along with consequences , either good or bad .

The fictional novel of Mice and Men has its own way to relate to this quote “ We pay a price for everything we get or take in this world’’. Lennie pays the ultimate price of his life , due to his actions of accidentally killing curley’s wife. At one point Lennie was able to touch curley’s wife’s hair . That was a big habbit Lennie had , touching things . He loved to pet the mouse , but doing so , eventaully he killed it . The same thing happened with the puppy . Lennie’s experiences with the mouse and puppy for shadowed what he’d do to Curley’s wife . His obbession with touching soft things led to another , velvety things led to his destruction .

Matter a fact , this quote also demonstrates my novel , The Secret Year . The Secret Year basically disscusses about this secret couple , Julia and Colt . No one ever knew about them and if anyone ever did , everyone would be so judge mental against them . The only reason why , is because Julia was very wealthy , lived in a high class neighborhood and sat with the cool kids at lunch . Colt was the total oppisite of those things . Overall , back to my point , Julia was just sick of everything around her and went to a party with her friends , to keep her mind off things . She ended up drunk & sadly things ended up so out of control her & her friends got into a car crash . At the end of the day , they lost a loved one . That ended up to be Julia . This situation would’ve never got this bad if she could’ve been with Colt without anyone speaking they’re mind .

In conclusion , every action we make , every choice we take , theres always a consequence waiting for you at the end , think about it .
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