We or They by Hernando R. Ocampo

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We or They by Hernando R. Ocampo

By | November 2010
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We or They is a short story that encompasses a well-built Marxist idea that shows the essential principles of socialism. Written by Hernando R. Ocampo, a Filipino writer, who focuses his story on how the Filipinos faced the harsh realities of the country after the Philippines was colonized by the invaders. This paper will scrutinize how the class struggle affects the lives of the proletariats in the story with the use of Marxist theory. In Hernando Ocampo’s We or They, class struggle is illustrated through the oppressions and arduous life experienced by the Filipino proletariats under the bourgeoisie or the ruling class (the colonizers), and their ideological weakness under the absolute rule. Hernando Ocampo centres his works on the harsh life that the Filipinos go through under the raiders and how Filipino struggles to attain a classless society. Classless society is the dream of the proletariats to be present in the country, where everyone is considered equal. Some believe that this can only be attained through revolution against the bourgeoisie. This is depicted metaphorically in the paragraph: “I don’t know,” Tura answered, seemingly peeved. “Mister Remulla said with these stones we’ll soon have something to eat, and that is all I care about. He told us we ought not to be hungry. We have as much right to eat and live as the propietarios have.” The line of Tura indicates that the life of the common people or the proletariats during this time was hard that they suffer starvation. It indicates that having enough food is the priority of the people. Since, they are experiencing food crisis; they value food in their lives which keeps them alive and satisfies their hungry stomachs. It is also notable that Tura will do everything just to improve their social status in life compared to the propietarios. The propietarios are community of land owners; therefore they belong to the bourgeoisie or the ruling class. The application of the stone has also a figurative...

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