We Need More Engagement Around Here

Topics: Motivation, Management, Employment Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: October 3, 2012
A Case Analysis on the Case Problem: We Need More Engagement Around Here

How should the management motivate the employees to facilitate them in fully engaging in work activities?

Areas of Consideration

1. Employees’ Personalities and Demographic Status
The management must recognize the personality, ethical, generational, and social status differences among their employees. This is to acknowledge the fact the different people require different motivation approaches. Thus, these factors will influence the motivation tactic of the management.

2. Job Designs
The management could analyze the job designs of various employees and pinpoint areas that cause indifference towards work activities. This will help the management employ an effective motivating tactic. (It is to be noted that job design can potentially contribute a lot to intrinsic motivation of employees.)

3. Current Reward/Recognition Program of the Company
The management must consider the existing (if any) reward/recognition program of the entity. This is only one yet important aspect of motivating employees. When this program is inappropriate, the desired effect of motivating employees to improve on quality and quantity of work will not be achieved. Management could look into this program and with the data gathered in number 1, evaluate its effectiveness and improve on it.

4. Existing Non-work Activities by the Company for Its Employees The management must identify the company’s current non-work activities for employees. Whether it be parties, picnics, seminars, or community lunches, these activities could motivate many. The presence of these activities will narrow down management’s choices on motivating tactics.

5. Communication System (For organizational goals)
The company aims to motivate employees to achieve a certain organizational goal (competitiveness by being more efficient, thus lowering cost). Knowledge of this goal by the latter will help them achieve the desired...
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