We Look After Our Own

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  • Published : March 24, 2012
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Analysis of We Look After Our Own
Some stories are meant for entertainment, others to educate but Kath Walker’s, We Look After Our Own is written to draw change and develop an understanding of a darker side of life in Australia. Written in a time when change was dawing and aborignal rights was touchy subject, Kath Walker gave an insight into the life of an aboriginal through the story. She showed the battles they faced to gain minimum services and how they were treated like second class citizens. Kath Walker shows the difficulities of being aboriginal through this story. Kath Walkers story embraces some of the topics that people ran away from in the 1950s and talks about them openly and truthfully and this is what makes the story so rivoting. Subtlity, simplistic nature, and depth are key element of the plot in We Look After Our Own. The subtilty is personified by the way the writer indicates something but doesn’t make it blatantly obvious, an illustration of this is the heritage of Mrs Edwards, the writer gives small clues to tell us that Mrs Edward is Aborignal like “We Look after our own,” but she doesn’t state that Mrs Edward is Aborginal, she leaves that to the reader to infer. The simplistic nature of the story refers to the smooth way the plot moves without many twists or turns, it is like a wave rolling smoothing onto shore but then the end is like the crashing of the water on the sand. This simplistic nature is embodied by the chronological movement of the story from a day in summer to Good Friday to Easter Sunday. It is also embodied by the simplistic nature of the happenings of the story, a father’s ailing health and a daughter’s (Mrs Edwards) heartache at watching her father, her fathers is turned back at a nursing home on Good Friday because of colour and then in the end her father dies. The depth talks of the hidden meanings in such a simple plot, this is typified by the use of Mr Knight as a name indicating a knight in shining armour or the...
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