We Live in Deeds Not in Years

Topics: Thought, Human, Humans Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: December 2, 2012

“Ek din Bik jayeaga mati ke mol, jag me reh jayeage pyare tere bol” This song I used to babble when I was baby, without paying heed to the lines as I loved its rhythm, but now I love to share the lines of this song.

God has given a unique instrument called the “life” to all living beings including animals. But he bestowed his special grace only on human being in the form of WORK. Here is a great difference between man and animals, and also a great difference between man and man. Some day you come across a man, full of high motives & aspirations, great in deeds & speech, love for the fellow man, killing sprit for work, heart full of love for the needy and sorrow people, every possible act to make a difference in their life. The next day you come across some other man, full of laziness, cursing life, complaining about the worldly miseries, and every possible thought to escape from work. Both of them leave certain impact on your mind, and sooner or later you will feel that the person with cheerful, workaholic, evangelical nature, and great in deeds and speech leave deep impression on your mind.

The analytical mind of human being is a real gem, only humans have the power to analysis ,and this analytical mind analyses everything, every time, everywhere , every one. “This is good, this attitude is best; this person does better than me, this work is great paying and this is not etc”. So when they come across some human with firm inside, and an ability to make a difference, they analysis them to such a great extend that they gradually imbibe that character, and improve themselves. That person becomes immortal in the thoughts of fellow people. The more firm an inside, the more people follow. The beautiful thing of analytical mind is that it doesn’t understand years or age. You may learn from a small kid, thought to forgive, and forget easily and that child always live inside you. Or you may even learn from old man from his...
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