We Learn Best from Our Mistakes

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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We learn the Best lessons from our mistakes

When a person has to face consequences from a mistake, majority of the time it is remembered and it usually trigger a mind set in the event that the same situation occurs again. My name is Ericka Mcfarlane the statement mentioned we learn the best from our mistakes, is a statement in which I have grown to understand more clearly after experiencing several consequences from mistakes I have made. Learning from mistakes I think is quite true for some people but on the other hand some just don’t learn either. At the tender age of eight years old, I attended the East End Primary School which is located on John Mclean Drive in East End, The primary school wasn’t a big school but it wasn’t small either the years started from preschool and ended at year six. At the age of eight I was already in my fourth year of primary school, my teacher at the time was Mrs. Peart she was a short, fat, brown, skin woman from Jamaica with black, short, silky hair. She was a teacher who loved giving her students homework and everyday religiously she did just so, I thought of Mrs. Peart as the most heartless teacher on earth who punished children by giving them a lot of homework which is every child’s night mare. I was a child who did homework whenever I could find it or remember where I had put it, but that was not good enough for my teacher at times she gave us so much homework assignments I started to lose track of them and even lost a couple of them, but when my mother came home from work in the evenings she would ask, “Did you do your homework”, I was the first to say yes mam its finished. When it was time to hand in homework assignments at time I had some of my assignments and other times none at all, now this was a big problem for her she said that when the next reporting session came around she was going to have a talk with my mother about me not completing homework assignments. Reporting session...
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