We Have No Right to Happiness

Topics: Left-wing politics, Writing, Right-wing politics Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Alicia Donaldson
Prof. Maria Luna
Eng. 101-002

We Have No Right To Happiness Summary In the essay We Have No Right To Happiness written by C.S. Lewis, he describes his views and society’s thoughts on the right to happiness. In the essay two neighbors divorced their former partners to be together. Mr. A left Mrs. A because her beauty had diminished and Mrs. B left her husband to be with Mr. A because her husband not only lost his job but he’d gotten smashed up in the army and lost his virility. After that Mrs. A committed suicide and her husband said what could I have done? A man has a right to be happy; I had to take my chance when it came. Clair also agreed and said they had a right to happiness, and what Lewis got from her comment is that she meant sexual happiness. Lewis used this quote to set up his argument against a right to happiness. He feels that a right to happiness does not make much sense because much of what affects happiness is out of human control. Lewis puts forth the difference between rights given by society and rights under the natural law. He also describes how society treat sex like any other impulse, has ever been treated by civilized people. He finishes with, a society in which tolerates conjugal infidelity must always be in the long run a society that is adverse to women. Where promiscuity prevails women are at a double disadvantage and will always be the victims than the culprit, it’s a biological factor, and Domestic happiness matters more to women than men.
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