"We" Essay

Topics: Brave New World, Political corruption, Novel Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Ashlee Robinson
English 102
Essay Paper “We”
In the novel “We” there are certainly many areas to which one can compare conformity to society today. The most constant, in my opinion, prevalent idea in the novel is conformity which is one of the biggest problems of society. In a world so heavily concentrated on the media and government to feed us a script for everyday living it’s as if we are living a slightly comparable version of this novel. There are several examples shown throughout the novel that illustrate key points in which the life of the characters mimic what we (people of modern American society) go through. Early on we learn that the daily routines of the “Digits” as they’re called are orchestrated to act, dress, and even have sex on the same accord. In the world we live in this can be seen as the daily hustle and bustle of waking up, getting the kids ready, going to work, coming home, paying bills and the cycle repeats itself pretty much every day. Sometimes it’s as if this routine is pre-planned, as in the novel because there is so much blocking a certain mental progression. From debt payments, to the news stations telling you that they’ve found genetically modified organisms injected in the foods of the local grocery stores, we are constantly in a state of captivity. The quote “…Those two in paradise, were given a choice: happiness without freedom, or freedom without happiness. There was no third alternative…” shares a great insight on how D-503 felt he had no choices, because they had been made for him already, much like how the day to day struggle is between financial stability, time and opportunity to just indulge in the joys of life without worry. In the novel, anything outside of the obvious norms was forced by authoritarians to cease. In society anyone who isn’t either a worker or a student automatically gets cast into a vagabond, or recipient. From there the individual often times go further down a road of illegalities and puts themselves...
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