We Didn't Start the Fire

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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We Didn't Start the Fire

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a possibly the most prominent scientific genius of the 20th century. Born in Ulm, Württemberg, Germany in 1879, his family moved to Milan, Italy in1894 while he stayed back in a boarding house. Einstein excelled in his studies throughout school, even though he had a speech difficulty and paused slowly and often when he spoke. At a young age he picked up playing the violin and piano, quickly excelling at both. At age 5, Albert became fascinated by a compass, which may very well be the reason for his lifelong involvement with physics. At age twelve, he was said to have owned a geometry book which he read over and over. During high school, Einstein met who was to become a mentor to him, Max Talmud, as well as his first love, Marie Winteler. Einstein actually wrote his first paper around this age, when he was 16. When his time came, Albert didn't want to be drafted into the military, and dodged the draft and dropped out of school to reunite with his family. Lacking a high school diploma, he had some trouble trouble finding a college that would accept him, but finally found one that would accept him if he went back and finished his high school classes. Einstein finished easily and was accepted. Albert actually quickly earned the animosity of his professors as a result of cutting classes often because he preferred to study on his own. One of his professors, Heinrich Weber, ended up writing him a letter of recommendation (as requested by Einstein) that led to him being turned down for every academic position that he applied for after his graduation. After graduation, he ended up marrying his college sweetheart, Milena Maric. His parents actually openly opposed the marriage as a result of her Serbian heritage and Eastern Orthodox Christian background. After their marriage, Albert and Milena had a daughter named Lieserl, that was rumored to either have died of sickness or given up for adoption at an early age. Albert then ended up winning the Nobel prize in 1921 for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. At one point, he was actually offered presidency of Israel, but declined, although very humbled that he was even considered for the position. In the last few years of his life, Einstein gave up violin, after a lifetime of playing it regularly. Albert Einstein died on April 18 at 1:15 Am. His brain was preserved for medical research.

Historical Significance-
Einstein was known as the worlds brightest mind, perhaps of all time. He has been crucial to the development of the human mind and culture. Einstein was able to establish laws like objects at rest will remain in that state unless influenced by an outside source and helped refine the concept of gravity. Einstein was known for seeing the world in terms of electrons, protons, matter, and atoms. He would set the standard for modern day science and mathematics. As a nuclear scientist, Einstein was also a member of the Manhattan Project, a secret project aimed at developing the first atomic bomb, established during World War 2.

Because of Einsteins achievements, we now have atomic bombs, the theory of relativity, and the memory of a true hero of science. Einstein could easily be considered one of the greatest scientific minds in history. His Achievements are rivaled by few, especially in this day and age. His research set the foundation for atomic weaponry used in today's modern world. He was truly a titan of science. Facts-

Contrary to a popular urban myth, Einstein actually excelled in his studies in school, and even had a geometry book that he read cover to cover many times. However, Albert gave up his studies at one point to dodge his countries draft and reunite with his family. Einstein had also already written his first “scientific paper” at age 16 on “The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic...
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