We Beat the Streets

Topics: Family, Death, Money Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: December 12, 2012
We Beat The Streets
Chapter 1: “You Don’t Have to Cut My Foot Off, Do You?”- In this chapter Sampson is trying to be like the older boys, he hangs with his older brother and his friends pretending to be tough. They go try to fix the benches in the park. Sampson ends up holding a brick which ends up falling on his foot. Sampson goes to the doctor and starts to gain interest in the doctor’s job. Reflect: After reading this chapter it reminded me when I was a kid playing with the plug outlets and one of them shocked me. Mom took me to my pediatrician’s office and from there on I never wanted to leave. Chapter 2: “Oh, Man, You’re In Trouble Again!”- Rameck gets in trouble again in school with nun. He gets in trouble a lot and is playful but he is a very smart boy. People mistake Rameck playfulness with being slow which he is not. Rameck has problems controlling his anger when someone says something to him he just goes out on a rage. He has a close relationship with his grandmother. He discusses all his problems with her. His mother works a lot to keep up with the bills and Rameck’s tuition.Reflect: I completely understand Rameck when I was at that age. I was constantly in trouble my second home was the principal’s office. Though I did get in trouble a lot I was also smart like Rameck but I just wasn’t reaching my full potential. As I look back now I realize that if I was in less trouble could have even better grades. Chapter 3: “Isn’t That School In The Ghetto?”- George is a more independent person he may do a couple bad things here or there but he is majority in his books. He really enjoys school and especially books- plays. He realizes he was different from of kids when he went to museum. George knew he wasn’t the riches person out there but he never really considered himself has being part of the ghetto. His teacher Miss Johnson played a major role in his life and she really made George believe in himself and he can succeed...
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