We Are Young

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: July 10, 2012
The most important  thing to do during school’ holiday is to spend quality  time  together with  family  members. School’ holidays are the best time for family members to come together. Besides, as a SPM’ candidate, school’ holiday also the best time to cover all the important subject in SPM examination. Sometimes, holidays also time to release  tension.

        For this holiday, my parents decide to spend our holiday   at Cameron Highland. They told us that we will go there  in the first week of holidays. My brother asked my mum, why we not go there in the second week. My mum told us in the second week, we must make preparation to back to school. We went in monday’ morning because I must attend the extra class first.

      In the Sunday’ night, my siblings ang I packed our thing to go to Cameron Highland tomorrow. We will start our journey at 7.00 morning. So, we must finished prepare the thing that night. At that day, we started our journey happily. After 5 hours journey, we finally reached there. Cameron Highlands is the best place to spend our holiday’s time. It means my parents made the good decision.After that, my father check-in at  the famous hotel in the heart of Cameron Highlands.

      The seconds day, we visited The Strawberry’s Farm.My sister was so excited because she really  want to go to the strawberry’farm. Then, we were  allowed to pick the strawberry by our own self and also  can eat them. It so amazing experience that never forget. We also tried the fresh  strawberry and  other desert.

    After lunch, we went to Cameron Bharat Plantations. It was the most popular tea’farm in Cameron Highlands. The farm is really big. The view  also beautiful  and look like oversea. We took a lot of photographs. But, my  mother and my oldest sister bust to buy the tea. I think all the tea flavour were bought by them.  It is because tea was my mother’s favourite.

      The thirth day and also our last day here, my  mother saked us to spent  our...
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