We Are What We Eat

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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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We as Americans love food and slowly but surely we have ended up with an abundant amount of food options as well as huge waistlines. But we have to argue, who is to blame for this? Should we be held responsible for our bodies and what we decide to consume or is the food industry responsible for luring us in? This, as well as many biological and environmental factors can contribute to the rise of weight problems and obesity. R.A Ames, author of "Fast Food Isn’t to Blame", argues that weight difficulties are the responsibility of the individual and we shouldn’t be blaming the fast food industry or other biological and environmental causes. Although individuals should be aware of the consequences of the food they choose to consume, fast food companies and a person's biological makeup are also partially to blame for the outcome of obesity.

Individuals have a choice on a daily basis on what they want to eat or drink. Granted, we don’t always make healthy choices, most of the least healthy ones are offered by fast food companies. These fast food companies offer us bigger sizes and huge portions compared to what we are supposed to eat. Most of us want something fast, cheap and good. That is why so many people turn to fast food, because it is convenient, fast, cheap and the taste appeals to many since it is loaded with fat, sugar and salt. Individuals are responsible for the state that they get themselves in, you choose what to eat and are fully aware of what the food consists of. Nobody forces you to eat anything you don’t want to. By willingly choosing to eat fast food or other unhealthy foods, you are putting yourself at risk. Choosing to make unhealthy food choices daily can lead to weight complications as well as diseases like diabetes. I am sure most of us realize the risks but don’t want to give a second thought to the consequences because we enjoy eating whatever we want. Essentially, like the old saying goes, you are what you eat, plain and simple....